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Many civil sector organizations, small and medium enteprises, and educational institutions take a part in our projects. Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse strives to develop the target regions by affecting all the sectors in charge for social and economic matters. Therefore it also supports the institutions under transition and the implementation of rule of law.

Our projects produced greater outputs and sustainability of results thanks to:

 – Caritas, Czech Republic

 – International Organization for Migration in Kosovo

 – L&I Consulting

 – NGO Ecologica


 – NGO Progress

 – NGO Association of Handicapped People “Stone Flower”

 – Association of Blind Mitrovica

 – Zvečan Technical School

 – Zubin Potok Special School

 – University of Priština, Faculty of Technical Sciences

 – Scout Organization Leposavić

 – Scout Organization Zvečan

 – Aero Club “Sokolica”

 – Craft Shop “Pečat”

 – Carpentry Workshop “Godži”

 – other public and private bodies that provided Lighthouse with possibility to implement their activities tailored in accordance with development plans.