One of important sector of INEX PORT LTD is Demining, or ERW/mine clearance, refers to the process of locating and removing landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and other hazardous materials from areas that have been contaminated by warfare or other human activities. Demining companies are organizations that specialize in providing these services, which are critical for the safe and sustainable development of affected communities. Company typically employs a range of specialized equipment and techniques to locate and remove mines and UXO, including metal detectors, ground-penetrating radar, and remotely-operated vehicles. In some cases, company use trained animals, such as dogs and/or rats to detect mines. In addition to the technical aspects of demining, company often work closely with local communities to educate them about the dangers of mines and UXO and to coordinate their activities with the needs and priorities of the community. INEX PORT LTD is privately-owned company, and may operate at international level. INEX-PORT work in a variety of contexts, including post-conflict situations, disaster-affected areas, and areas where mining or other industrial activities have contaminated the land. In addition to demining, some companies may also provide related services such as mine risk education, victim assistance, and the destruction of seized or surplus weapons and ammunition. The company INEX PORT LTD is technically equipped and staffed for humanitarian and commercial demining.

What We Can Offer ?

Company activities in the field of UXO protection:
• Desk assessment and Threat Assessment
• Reconnaissance
• Marking
• Finding and excavation
• Non-Technical Surveys:
• Technical Surveys:
• Manual Mine Clearance:
• Battle Area Clearance (BAC):
• Mechanical Clearance:
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD):

The company INEX-PORT has successfully decontaminated about 20,000,000 square meters of land. All these were implemented according to the company’s standard operating procedures, relevant local/national and international standards (IMAS).


Who Are Our Clients

The clients for demining work are usually organizations and agencies involved in mine clearance or humanitarian demining, such as: Government agencies responsible for mine clearance in their own countries or regions, such as the Ministry of Defense or Interior. International organizations and agencies such as the United Nations, International Red Cross or other humanitarian organizations involved in mine clearance in war-affected areas. Non-profit organizations involved in mine clearance in countries where unexploded mines remain after armed conflicts. Commercial companies that provide mine clearance or demining services in areas where the risk of mines is present, such as construction sites or areas for natural resource exploitation. In any case, clients for demining work are usually organizations involved in safety, protection, and humanitarian work, which require expert assistance and services for the safe removal of mines from areas that pose a risk to human life.

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